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ICP Component 3: Professional Learning

Component Description and Rationale

Exemplary classroom teachers can also be remarkable instructors for remote learning. Since delivery of online instruction has unique pedagogies and strategies, it may take time for teachers to become acclimated to the new LMS. LEAs and charter schools must provide professional learning workshops designed to familiarize teachers with the tools and best instructional practices. These should be offered on a continual basis. The Online Professional Learning Quality Checklist developed by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology can be a valuable asset in this effort.

Critical Success Factors/Action Steps Required in the Component

  • Provide leaders and instructional staff multiple survey opportunities to determine actual needs regarding professional learning.
  • Arrange time for professional learning opportunities for school leaders and staff, keeping in mind best practices for adult learners.
  • Provide for implementation of professional learning for educational staff.
  • Assess the effectiveness of professional learning efforts to continuously improve the process and provide relevant opportunities in the future.