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ICP Component 1: Leadership and Planning

Component Description and Rationale

Each LEA or charter school should have a design team charged with the primary responsibility for developing and executing an ICP. In developing an ICP, LEA and charter school leaders have the primary responsibility of formulating a comprehensive strategy which identifies potential challenges and workable solutions. The Planning Guide for Online and Blended Learning provides a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of remote learning and the varying combinations of instructional delivery options available.

Critical Success Factors/Action Steps Required in the Component

  • Specify LEA personnel who will serve on a cross-functional planning team. At a minimum, this team should represent academics, technology, operations, and communications.
  • Identify desired outcomes or goals of the ICP.
  • Define the critical success factors (CSFs) that determine achievement of the ICP desired outcomes or goals.
  • Develop the action plans needed to address the CSFs, including the protocols and execution steps for the ICP.
  • Develop a process for evaluating the effectiveness of the ICP.