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ICP Component 4: Instructional Practices

Component Description and Rationale

With the shift to remote learning or a hybrid process, LEAs and charter schools must evaluate and adapt the methods and practices of instruction. Modifying traditional methods for an online delivery mode is possible, but some practices will be new in a remote or hybrid model. The curriculum may be appropriate, but how each student learns this content will need to be established. The Council of Chief State School Officers offers a wealth of resources in Restart & Recovery: Considerations for Teaching and Learning.

Critical Success Factors/Action Steps Required in the Component

  • Identify needs of educators relative to online and hybrid teaching experience and expertise.
  • Determine which teachers have extensive background in these delivery models, and which will need more help.
  • Develop guidance, resources, and training on the best practices for distance/hybrid education delivery for those who need help onboarding these practices.
  • Implement professional learning about best practices for hybrid teaching for educational staff.
  • Assess the effectiveness of delivery methods and alter strategies as needed to engage all students.