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ICP Component 8: Engaging Students with Limited Access

Component Description and Rationale

Printed materials may be necessary for students with limited internet access and plans should be made for both their production and distribution. Digital content that isn’t internet dependent (such as DVDs or USB drives) will also offer these learners the chance to develop the skills they need to progress. Traditional accommodations for those with IEPs and 504 plans may need to be reimagined in a remote learning environment. LEAs and charter schools must determine how students remain connected and engaged with teachers, counselors, and other staff when face-to-face interactions are limited. Educating All Learners launched in early 2020 through a partnership of 30+ disability and education groups supports remote learning for students with limited access. The Tech Tool Library provides information about the accessibility features of dozens of digital products and platforms.

Critical Success Factors/Action Steps Required in the Component

  • Specify team of service providers and determine a point person for communication with families about the efforts to provide education and supports for their child.
  • Develop a plan to communicate early and often with students and parents to identify needs and ensure supports. 
  • Ensure that LEA leadership is engaged with special education service providers to deliver needed supports and resources to educators, learners and families.
  • Research and implement best practices in providing special education services to students with limited access. Some tools that may be helpful in this effort are available, including:
  • Establish partnerships with local Internet providers and other vendors to support remote learning in limited access areas.