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ICP Component 10: Emergency and Ongoing Communications

Component Description and Rationale

Communication is critical to any educational enterprise. When face-to-face interaction is limited, it is important that lines of communication remain open for school personnel, learners and their families. School leadership must develop plans to communicate internally with students, parents and staff and externally with the local community. Electronic communications will become prevalent and clear consistent messaging is necessary. It will be important to plan not just the message and means of delivery, but who will be responsible for conveying communication throughout the educational community. The LEA and charter school websites will need to be refreshed with the most up-to-date information on a regular basis, as that is where most constituencies will look if they are not receiving messages directly through email, text, phone or the LMS.

Critical Success Factors/Action Steps Required in the Component

  • Identify stakeholder groups within the school community along with the appropriate communication channels for each group. 
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of school personnel assigned to communicate with stakeholder groups.
  • Define the scope of communications to be sent to stakeholders along with a schedule for such communications to ensure coordination.
  • Publish guidance for stakeholders and ICPs on the school or LEA website leading up to and throughout the duration of extended school closures.