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ICP Component 2: Curriculum Resources and Digital Content

Component Description and Rationale

LEAs and charter schools have access to a vast array of digital content. One challenge can be choosing resources best aligned with LEA curricular goals, objectives, and state standards. Subject-matter content and learning management systems (LMS) need to be evaluated for efficacy. LEAs and charter schools may obtain content from existing curriculum providers who produce digital companion materials to traditional textbooks or seek other providers with more specialized curricular offerings. In addition, the LEA will also need to implement an LMS, such as Brightspace, Blackboard, Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Google Classroom, etc., for the delivery of the digital content. The Center for Digital Content provides a Guide for Choosing Digital Content and Curriculum to help LEA efforts in this area.

Critical Success Factors/Action Steps Required in the Component

  • Reaffirm desired outcomes, goals, and instructional strategies of the remote learning program.
  • Confirm LMS providers and if selecting a new provider, schedule of product demonstrations.
  • Delegate a cross-functional team to monitor the performance of the LMS and make recommendations for improvements or modifications.
  • Provide ongoing training and professional learning, ensuring new hires included.
  • Allow planning time (two to three months) for teachers and instructional staff to become familiar with digital content to be used within the LMS, including appropriate instructional supports, e.g., coaching.