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ICP Component 9: Continuation of School Operations

Component Description and Rationale

School operations encompass much more than just classroom learning. Even if learners are not fully engaged with in-person learning, facilities need to be maintained, community meals and student resiliency support systems need to function, and community partnerships need to be established. Planning for instructional continuity will require a close look at these aspects of the school operation with a clear focus on safety and security for school staff, learners, and their families. School counselors will need to plan how to deliver instruction and services that meet the requirements of students’ established IEPs and 504 plans. Partnerships with existing and new community connections may be necessary to provide much needed services to the learning community.

Critical Success Factors/Action Steps Required in the Component

  • Identify the facets of school operations that are impacted by extended school closures along with the essential personnel needed to support learning continuity through remote teaching and learning.
  • Identify and communicate expectations of school or LEA staff related to schedules and work performance during school closures.
  • Develop and communicate an execution plan to provide food services to students and families in need during school closures.
  • Develop and execute a plan to provide special education services and accommodations to students in need during school closures. 
  • Conduct outreach to community organizations to provide comprehensive support to students and families during school closures.